Top 4 restaurants in MG Road Bangalore


Top 4 restaurants in MG Road Bangalore

Koshy’s Restaurant

This is one of the most seasoned restaurants in town. When you talk about its history, this particular restaurant started their first journey way back in 1950‘s. An elite restaurant who served to Prime minister’s and presidents of this country. It attracts upper middle class crowd and that’s why it makes them elite. Grab a novel, order a pint beer and sit among some classy people. If you want to sit for around 2-3 hours, koshy is the best place for you. One more special thing about Koshy is the gallery it holds. You will see some great artists selling and displaying their paintings there. Try their north Indian cuisine and thank me later. 


Coconut Grove Restaurant

Famous for their mallu food, this restaurant is located near the church Street. Beautifully themed with green color, this restaurant allows you to enjoy your meal both outside and inside the premises. The ambience looks great and it will let you to have an awesome time with your loved ones. Try Avial with Appam along with some Kaigari Kootu.


Queens Restaurant

One more beautifully themed restaurant near the church street, which attracts a large number of crowd every day. Queens strategic pricing policy along with great tasty food makes it a favorite among Bangalorians. It recently got a makeover, to give it a rustic look along with more space for the customers. The menu is uniformly good, allowing you to try a wide range of dishes however the Jal Jeera drink remains the favorite among customers. Plan out to visit queens this weekend and have a great time. It holds a special place when you compare all the restaurants in Bangalore MG road.


Kadambam Restaurant

A middle class restaurant with lots of hype, Kadambam is the second installment of Jayanagar based Kadambam. This restaurant serves a famous Iyenger menu, thereby attracting a huge crowd every day. You will find it way too busy sometimes, but don’t forget, a place with more customers means great food! Plan out on a weekend to have breakfast there, or skip your kitchen work to have a delicious dinner. The food they serve is homely and the specialty is, it is served on banana leaves. They are open on Sundays too. 



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