4 Tips for safe online shopping


4 Tips for safe online shopping


Use Credit cards more often

When in doubt, it is always advisable to use credit cards in contrast with debit cards. Credit Cards always offer customers an extra assurance when shopping on the web. The primary favorable advantage is that the credit card account is not linked with your own savings account.

Moreover, it is better to utilize the secure online payment services like PAYPAL whom you can rely on without any tension as they serve as a middleman. Your payment is first received by PayPal and then it is transferred to the retailer you want to pay.


Always use familiar websites

You’re more secure when you stick to your trusted brand websites. Take the example of amazon and some other local website. In case you’re not acquainted with a site, ensure that the site has a privacy policy or protection arrangement and data about the site’s safety efforts. Try to browse on a safe browser. Watch out for fake websites in the internet.


Keep an eye on your Bank statements

Try not to sit tight for your bill to come towards the end of the month. Go online frequently, especially in holidays to check your bank statements. Ensure you don’t perceive any fraud charges. On account of Credit cards, don’t pay the bill until the point you’re sure about your charges. If it is precise go ahead, otherwise don’t.


Back yourself with strong passwords

We always try to put strong passwords for unnecessary things but when it comes to online shopping, we become too lazy. We fail miserably to put a strong password and as a result we face the consequences at the end of the day. Our urge for influencing an extraordinary password for each site can prove to be useful. Always try to put unique passwords instead of some common names or numbers. Make sure you have a combination of characters in your password.


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