Shopping Tips for Hermes Belts


Hermes Men’s Belts

Leather goods produced by French luxury brand Hermès has existed since the mid-19th century. Hermès belts are recognized as some of the most fashionable and sought after leather accessories in the world. These straps are available in a variety of animal skins such as the cow skin or calf leather and are available in numerous colors, from classic black and Brown shades, pink and shiny or chic as orange. Many of them feature the famous “H” buckle which makes the product recognizable almost anywhere in the world. When interested in purchasing a belt from Hermès for men or women, take some time to research the fashion house that designs this product and learn how to determine the authenticity of its products.


Hermes casual leather belt 

They are the best when it comes to breaking up a separate look. Wear it with a T-shirt and try to make it matte instead of a polished one.


Price – $1100





Woven Belts

These are colorful in nature and comes in various designs. A perfect summer accessory for men when combined with a pair of shorts.


Price- $ 900



Fabric Belt 

These are those belts that gives you a feeling of military as it perfectly goes with any textured pants or shorts.


Price- $ 580


Suede belt 

A combination of both casual and formal makes it look incredibly stylish. Don’t forget to try this one.


Price – $ 880

The washy belt 

When it comes to pairing a belt with jeans people often get confused between various colors, but not anymore. Hermes-washy belt is a cool webbing belt that is just accurate for your jeans.


Price – $1000


Hermes Classic Medusa belt 


A sign of luxury, that’s all you need sometimes to oomph! This classic medusa belt is your perfect companion while heading for a party.


Price – $1800


A Hermès belt is a fashion statement and could be a key piece of accessory for your professional wardrobe for years to come. Hermès belts are available in a wide range of colors and styles, and buyers can combine the belt buckles for a variety of looks. Although Hermès belts are considered as luxury fashion accessories and tend to cost much more than the average leather belts, they are considered as investments by people with or without a strong interest in fashion. A classic belt buckle Hermès H goes well with just about anything and can easily be the only accessory required, so it’s worth the price.




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